creating great events

What makes a great event?

Great events are no accident. They become great because of the care taken to plan and consider every option from the size of a marquee, to the smallest design touches on table settings.

It all begins with taking the time and care to listen to our clients needs and to help guide them on the choices that will work best for their event.

From the first contact we will take the time to come out and see you or have you call in to our showroom in Nurioopta and talk about what you want to do with your event.

Location, location

Firstly we look at the location and how the site is situated. Soils below the ground and the exposure to the elements can often dictate certain types of ways we need to set up and secure a marquee to protect people in adverse conditions should they occur. 

We also consider the orientation of your structures to best take advantage of the natural surroundings bringing everything into harmony for your special event.

Clear or opaque structures

Today there are many types of structures including those with clear walls and roofs. Depending on the aspect, location to temperature, we can advise you on what you will need to work best for your big show.

If there is a natural vista, you can bring the outdoors in and become truly part of your environment. Barossa Function Hire provides a wide range of clear wall and roof structures.

Ask us about the various options when you contact us.

The perfect fit for you!

Once you have worked out what style of structure is best suited for you, we look at what you need to fit inside. Beyond the people, table and chairs, there are many other parts of an event to place. A stage area, a dance floor, bars and other items all take up space.

We will go over all of the activities you need to fit in and then let you know what you will need in terms of size.

We support you all the way

Our events design and consultation team, know events inside out. You can leave it all to us to help you select from a huge range of tableware and furniture, or get as involved as you want.

All events can become dynamic and changes can happen right up to the last minute.

Barossa Function Hire will always have your back no matter what happens to add that last minute item you may need or any help to let you enjoy your big moment while we do all the work.


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