Heater, Diesel Airrex CBAH600

The Airrex heaters run off a standard 240v/10amp power point and burns Diesel to generate heat. The point of difference with this style is that they burn 100% of the fuel source, so no waste, gas or smoky exhaust – perfectly safe and perfect for larger indoor spaces. They project plenty of heat, are stylish and thermostatically controlled (also very quiet). These are extremely popular in Scandinavia where they’re mainly used indoors in both domestic and commercial spaces.

Infrared heat spreads evenly over very long distances. Many mistakenly think that a fan is needed to transfer heat from one end of a hall to another, for example. A fan is not needed – the infrared heater heats up material, such as the wall, floor and all the materials in the space. Easily heats a 130sqm space and the 45 Litre tank will last all day.

When the fuel used is burned almost completely, it does not create odours or dangerous emissions. Carbon monoxide is formed by incomplete combustion, with too little oxygen. When combustion is complete, no carbon monoxide is formed When the heater starts/stops, a mild odour of fuel may came from the exhaust pipe. This is because, upon starting/stopping, the heater does not quite manage to completely burn the fuel mist from the nozzle. The unpleasant odour is not dangerous.